What to Know Before Renting Out Your Condo

Renting out your condo can be an excellent way to earn some extra income, but there are a few things you should know before making the leap! Here are a few things to consider before getting started:   Make sure you can afford it When you rent out your condo, you will be responsible for […]

Tracking Your Rental Property Expenses

Tracking Your Rental Property Expenses

Like most investors, you’re in the real estate game because you want to make money. Having relatively dependable passive income bolster your bank account is a welcome sight every month. Even with investment properties, you’ve got to spend money to make money. That means your bank account isn’t a one-way street, money will be flowing […]

Beautify Your Rental Without Blowing Your Budget

Beautify Your Home Without Blowing Your Budget

Presenting a beautiful unit to prospective renters is key to convincing them that they could call it home for a while. It shows them that the place is well taken care of and likewise, they will be well taken care of. The efforts to achieve a gorgeous space may lead landlords down the long, winding, […]

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

You may be ready to upgrade or downsize, move closer to your family or closer to that new job; whatever the reason you’re changing homes, you have to sell your current one. Here’s what you should do to get your home ready before listing your property for sale. Search Local Listings When putting your house […]

Turning Your Home into a Rental Property

Turn Your Home into a Rental Property

In Canada, 26% of homeowners own rental properties. It’s no wonder when landlordship allows Canadians to generate consistent passive income over a period of years or even decades! Whether you’re looking to pay off your mortgage or a student loan, expand your investment portfolio, or start making money off of a house that just won’t […]

What are the Perks to Off-Site Property Management?

Perks to Off-Site Property Management

Multi-family rental units can be complicated to manage on your own and that’s why most landlords choose to work with property managers to operate on their behalf with these types of real estate. The first question to ask yourself is whether to work with on-site or off-site managers. In this week’s article, we break down […]

Why Hire a Property Management Company?

Why Hire a Property Management Company

Working with a property management company is an investment that can offer a big return. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should hire one, it’s worth your consideration if you’re struggling with any of these three important concerns. You Live Far Away From Your Property Keeping tenants happy involves having a […]