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At GIL Property Management & Sales Ltd. we have a solid reputation as a trusted partner, ensuring the success of our clients’ rental properties
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Our employees uphold a reputation for excellence and integrity, with our client’s long-term interest in mind. Whether it’s to find a home to call your own or for investment purposes, our Full-Service Residential Sales Team at GIL can offer unique skills and attention to every detail.

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Turning GIL Property Management, a residential property management company in Calgary, offers several benefits:

Entrust full property management to us today. Ask your questions to the manager at (587) 602-2165.

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GIL’s Guide to What to Know Before Renting Out Your Home

July 1, 2024

Renting out your home or one of your properties can be a very lucrative endeavour. If done right, it can lead to significant gains and the opportunity to acquire more rental properties. However, there are several factors you need to consider before renting out your home. GIL is here to guide the way with our […]

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Rental Evaluations Done Right with GIL Property Management

June 15, 2024

An accurate rental evaluation is crucial for successful property management and can ensure property owners achieve the best return on their investments. Through pricing strategies and market trend analysis, you can safeguard your rental property investment and gain a fair return for years to come. Discover how rental evaluations work, and how GIL can help […]

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What to Do (and Not Do) When a Tenant Delays Payment

June 1, 2024

Managing a rental property can be stressful for many reasons, including if a tenant delays payment on their rent. This can be a hard situation to navigate and requires good communication, as well as some patience, especially if legal steps need to be taken. At GIL, we understand how difficult and confusing this situation can […]

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Elevating Property Value Through Landscaping and Aesthetic Improvements

May 15, 2024

Curb appeal matters when it comes to investment properties. Attractive exterior aesthetics can attract potential renters and buyers, giving you a competitive advantage. Landscaping also plays a large role in maintaining the look of your property, especially when well-maintained. Read on to discover how you can elevate your investment property’s value through exterior aesthetics and […]

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The Benefits of Strategic Timing in Calgary’s Real Estate Market for Investors

May 1, 2024

Calgary’s summers not only bring hot weather but also introduce a unique set of dynamics to the city’s real estate market. For investors looking at Calgary’s property landscape, understanding the seasonal influences can offer strategic advantages, despite the current market’s challenges with high prices and low inventory. Here’s a closer look at why considering an […]

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How to Resolve Landlord-Tenant Disputes

April 15, 2024

The relationship between a property owner and their tenant is important. Not only does a good landlord-tenant relationship ensure an amicable partnership for the long run, but it can also help secure your investment and save you from potentially significant economic hardships. However, disputes can arise and it’s important to know what to do to […]

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GIL Property Management’s Eco-Friendly Approach to Sustainable Living

April 1, 2024

The need to adopt sustainable living practices has become a necessity in today’s world. It’s not just a trend but a necessity. From mitigating global warming to preventing further natural disasters, we all need to act together to secure our planet’s future. Discover how GIL Property Management is committed to sustainable living by integrating eco-friendly […]

A Guide to Revitalizing Your Rental Property for Spring

March 15, 2024

Spring is upon us, and with blooming flowers comes the unavoidable need for spring cleaning. When it comes to rental properties, it’s crucial to schedule a thorough spring-cleaning routine to enhance both the appeal and value of your property. GIL is here to help with some helpful tips to keep in mind while you conduct […]

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A Deep Dive into the Calgary Housing Market Forecast 2024

March 1, 2024

Monitoring housing market trends is crucial for property investors to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and optimize returns. At GIL, we understand the importance of staying ahead and informed when it comes to Calgary’s housing market. As such we’ve prepared a Calgary housing market forecast for 2024 to help you make informed and sound investment […]

Choose the Right Tenants

Unlocking Property Success: How to Choose the Right Tenant

February 15, 2024

Choosing the right tenant can come with its challenges. As a property owner, you want to make sure you choose someone who is responsible, respectful, and will pay their rent on time. The right tenant makes all the difference when it comes to safeguarding your property and your investment. Ensure you make the best choice […]

Frequently Asked Questions

GIL Property Management offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing every aspect of property management, including leasing, maintenance, financial management, and tenant relations, providing property owners with peace of mind.
You can order residential property management services on our website or by calling us at (587) 602-2165.
By partnering with GIL Property Management, property owners gain access to a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize property performance and streamline operations, ensuring a hassle-free experience and maximizing returns on investment.
Property management specializes in comprehensive residential property management services, catering to the needs of property owners in Calgary and out of town.
Residential property management involves overseeing rental properties like houses or apartments, handling tasks such as tenant relations, maintenance, rent collection, and ensuring legal compliance.