Beautify Your Rental Without Blowing Your Budget

Beautify Your Home Without Blowing Your Budget

Presenting a beautiful unit to prospective renters is key to convincing them that they could call it home for a while. It shows them that the place is well taken care of and likewise, they will be well taken care of. The efforts to achieve a gorgeous space may lead landlords down the long, winding, and expensive path of home renovations. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to blow your budget to attract great tenants. All it takes are a few strategically placed upgrades.


If the outside of the house or building is unkept, you could throw off potential renters before they even get in the front door. Make sure the grass is watered, consider laying down sod or grass seed if it’s looking brown and sparse. The key to good landscaping is making it look good without too much maintenance for yourself or your renter. Other fixes like a fresh coat of paint or replacing the front door can also make a big visual difference.


Kitchens are often the gathering areas of the home. Most renters are looking for a kitchen that can fit their family and guests as well as their cooking and storage needs. This space can make or break a renter’s choice to sign that lease. Consider renovations such as upgrading the appliances and making sure they all match, refacing the cupboards, new countertops, or even faucets. You want the space to feel and function cohesively for your tenants. 


Kitchens may be the most social areas in the house, but bathrooms have the opposite claim to fame. This room should emanate calmness as well as being highly functional. For starters, make sure the toilet, the tub or shower, and the sink all work properly. Replace anything that is beyond repair. Then you can have fun with shelving, more counter space, or even a new vanity. If you can add more bathrooms, that’s even better!


Earlier we mentioned the value of cohesion throughout a space. That goes the same throughout the entire unit. Flooring can connect spaces and create a sense of flow. Choose easy-to-clean, modern options to make it easier for you and your tenants. For example, carpets tend to hold onto debris and odours whereas hardwood is easy to sweep up and doesn’t absorb smells. 

These renovations are investments designed to pay for themselves over time. Creating an inviting home helps to attract upstanding tenants and allows you to charge a fair price for rent. For more support on how to make the most of your rental property, contact our team of experts today!