Mastering Winter: Essential Exterior and Interior Winter Property Maintenance Tips

winter property maintenance

Calgary’s extreme cold, heavy snowfalls and icy conditions can make it difficult for property owners to keep warm and stay safe throughout the winter months. It’s crucial to be prepared when it comes to property maintenance in winter both for your safety and the preservation of your property.

Fortunately, the experts at GIL Property Management are here to help you through those chilly months. Learn how you can keep your real-estate investments in tip-top shape with our winter property maintenance tips and strategies.

Exterior Property Maintenance

Your property’s exterior is especially vulnerable to the harsh winter elements, so you’ll want to make it a priority when preparing for the winter months.

Roof and Gutter Care

Start by clearing out any debris, such as leaves and small branches from the gutters to ensure proper drainage and prevent ice dams. You’ll also want to check your roof for any damaged or missing shingles and repair or replace them as needed. Additionally, trim any overhanging branches to prevent them from falling onto your roof during potential winter storms.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Be prepared with the proper snow removal equipment, such as shovels and snowblowers, depending on the size of your property. Make sure you establish a regular snow removal routine to avoid build-up. To avoid nasty slips and falls, have some de-icing salt on hand throughout the winter and make sure to apply some before the onset of severe weather to minimize the formation of ice.


Consider wrapping sensitive plants, or newly planted trees, with burlap or other protective materials to shield them from harsh winter winds. In addition, take care of any lawn by mowing it shorter in the fall, aerating the soil, and applying a winter fertilizer to promote root health. Lastly, make sure any outdoor garden hoses are drained to prevent freezing and shut off any exterior water sources.

Following these steps will help you keep your property’s exterior looking its best throughout the winter months. Now that we’ve covered the exterior of your property, let’s head inside!

Interior Property Maintenance

From heating system maintenance to proper window insulation, your property’s interior needs to be well-prepared for the cold winter months. Here are some ways you can prepare your interior for the winter:

Furnace Maintenance

Make sure your furnace has received a recent inspection to ensure that it is in proper working condition, and to reduce the risk of breakdowns during the winter. A professional inspection can identify and address potential issues, such as worn-out components, malfunctioning parts, or carbon monoxide leaks.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

It’s good to check all your indoor plumbing before the onset of winter and make sure your pipes are insulated to prevent them from freezing and bursting. Consider adding extra insulation to pipes close to your property’s exterior, as well as leaving a faucet dripping during especially cold days to relieve pressure on your property’s overall water system.

Window and Door Insulation

Check the weatherstripping around windows and doors throughout your property and look for signs of wear and tear. Repairing any damaged weatherstripping can prevent drafts and lower your overall heating costs. You should also look for cracks or gaps around window and door frames. You can use a good quality caulk to seal any gaps and prevent cold air from coming in and warm air from getting out.

These tips will help keep both your interior and exterior safe during the cold months. For more advice on winter property maintenance, contact the experts at GIL Property Management and Sales. Happy winter!