Spring Cleaning Your Property

Spring Cleaning your Property

The days are getting longer and the sun is shining just a little bit brighter. After a cold winter, spring has finally sprung! Traditionally, this is the time of year when Calgarians roll up their sleeves and perform a deep cleaning of their homes. If you’re a landlord, this is the perfect opportunity to do the same for your rental properties. The tasks themselves may look a little different for your units than for your own home, but they are equally important. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most important chores you should focus on when spring cleaning your property! 


Safety Tasks

  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Maintenance. Batteries on these life-saving devices should be changed at least once a year. Even if they are not chirping to alert a low battery, be proactive and give them a fresh one. Also, take this time to give them a test. While your tenants should be testing them once a month on their own, it’s always a good idea to do it yourself to ensure they are in good working order. 
  • Check On Dryer Vents. Over time, lint can clog the dryer vented to the outside. Build-up like this can be a dangerous fire hazard. Check the hose on the back of the dryer and clear out any lint. You can use a vacuum to suck it up easily. 
  • Repair Damaged Fencing. Fences act as the first defense against potential break-ins and vandalism. As the snow melts, inspect the boards and gate for any broken or loose components. Not only will this improve the outward appearance of the property, but make it clear that this isn’t an easy target for potential ne’er-do-wells. 


Exterior Tidy

  • Clean Gutters. Improper water drainage, especially as the snow melts, can lead to serious property damage. Make sure you are clearing the gutters and removing leaf debris so that water can drain properly off the roof.  
  • Perform a Visual Check. It’s hard to see exterior damage in the winter when the snow is piled up against the building. A quick walk-around will reveal if the siding or roof sustained any damage over the cold season. 
  • Landscaping. Hire a contractor or get out your pruning shears for this one. Trim branches, tidy up the property, lay down grass seed, and generally tend to any obvious needs you see. 


Pipes & Plumbing Maintenance

  • Inspect the Sump Pump. Flooding due to a defective sump pump is a landlord’s nightmare. Calgarians are no strangers to flooded homes, so it is important you know your sump pump is in working order. 
  • Auger Roots. Greenery can give your property a beautiful curbside boost, but tree roots left to their own devices can cause serious damage to underground pipes. A mechanical auger can break up the spread without killing the tree or damaging sewer lines.


Administrative Duties

  • Reassess Your Budget. Now that you’re knee-deep in maintenance, take stock of what your property needs and how that will reflect on your budget. Are there things you’ve neglected in the past that need to be prioritized now? Has your investment grown to the point you need the support of a property management company?
  • Tidy Your Workspace. You’ve cleaned up your property, but reserve some of that energy for your office space. Reorganize as needed, tackle those piles of paperwork, and purge computer files. 


Spring cleaning is a great opportunity for landlords to check in on their investments and reassess their ever-changing needs. Get started by following the tips above! For support and advice on taking your investment property to the next level this year, get in touch with our team of experts at GIL Property Management and Sales Ltd today!