5 Steps to Improve your Curb Appeal

So, have you ever driven up your driveway after work and thought “blah” but don’t really have the budget right now to revamp your landscaping and you don’t get along well with plants? Well, I have 5 steps to improve your curb appeal and give you a more updated feel for under $175

1) Paint Your Front Door

This is a super cost-effective way to add some punch and character to any house. Your first reaction may be to just pick your favourite colour but there are a few things to consider when picking that perfect hue. Check out this article for some good tips. Hardware Store $40

2) Update Your House Number

Nothing says “blah” like those rusty old, weathered house numbers above your mailbox. There are so many great options out there that instantly add some modern feel to your home. Simple large numbers, the numbers written in word form, backlit numbers etc. Head to your local hardware store to start your search and if you are looking for something more creative and personalized check-out sources like Etsy online (of course you may break the $175 budget a little bit going that avenue…but so worth it). Hardware Store $15

3) Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

If you have ugly flower beds that have turned into dried up dirt beds because you do not have a green thumb, then check out the various ground covers available. If you go to a large garden centre, you can usually find a variety of sizes and colours to meet your needs and coordinate nicely with the rest of your colour scheme. Just remember if you do have some living plants .. make sure to lay down a ground sheet first or you will regret it later when you are pulling weeds from your beautiful mulched areas!! Garden Centre $35

4) Potted Shrubs

Even if you don’t have a green thumb potted drought tolerant shrub are a great way to add layered height to an otherwise flat & empty space. The nice thing about having them in pots is that they are quick and easy to water and if you are going away for a period of time you can collect them in a shadier area and make it easier for a friend to pop by and water them. You can pick up basic pots at your local garden store or repurpose something you love that isn’t even a flowerpot (just leave the shrubs in the planter they came in and pop them in your repurposed planter). The bonus is, at the end of the season, you can always plant them in the ground if you are feeling adventurous. TIP: Buy pots that are complementary to your freshly painted door for a nice cohesive feel. Garden Centre: $80

5) Water Is For More Than Drinking!

Okay, this one is the easiest of them all – you need to love your grass! Watering your grass, a couple of times a week and cutting it regularly will change the whole feel of your property. Everyone envies that neighbour with the lush green grass that begs for you to take a walk on it in your bare feet!

So, there you have it My 5 – Bullet Proof, Budget Friendly and Super Simple Steps to breathe some fresh life into that “blah” front yard! So, whether you tackle this job for your own satisfaction, or to prepare your house for sale, I am sure that your $175 will be money well spent