How To Write A Great Rental Listing

How To Write A Great Rental Listing - GIL Property Management - Featured Image

Are you a landlord looking for the most effective way to advertise your rental property? Writing a great rental listing is an important part of the process. It’s the first impression potential tenants will have of your property and can be the difference between attracting a great tenant or not. Here are some key guidelines to help you write the perfect rental listing:


Start with an attention-grabbing title

Your title should be exciting, concise and informative to increase the chances of potential tenants seeing the listing. The title should stand out from other listings, making it more likely to capture the attention of those who are searching for a rental. It also helps potential tenants quickly identify what the listing is about, so they can decide if it is a good fit for them. It should be attention-grabbing, so use words like “charming”, “spacious”, or “luxurious” to entice potential tenants to read more.


Include high-quality photos

Clear and high-resolution photos are essential for a great rental listing because they will be the first thing potential tenants see when they view your listing. High-quality photos can help create a good first impression and will show the potential tenant the level of care and detail that you put into your listing. They also help to showcase the features of your rental space and provide potential tenants with a better understanding of the space. 


Be descriptive

When it comes to describing the property, don’t skimp on the details and be sure to use appealing adjectives. Include information about the size, layout, neighbourhood, and amenities. Don’t forget to list any unique features that make your rental stand out!


Highlight the location

When writing a rental listing, it’s important to highlight the location to give potential renters an understanding of the surrounding area and what amenities are nearby. Mention nearby schools, parks, shopping, and other amenities that would be attractive to potential tenants. By including nearby attractions, restaurants, stores, and transportation options, you can give potential renters a better idea of what their life would be like in the area and help them make an informed decision.


Set out the terms

Include information about the rental terms, such as the length of the lease, the amount of the rent, and any other fees or charges associated with the rental. Setting the terms clearly provides tenants with information about what is expected of them, which can help them make an informed decision about whether or not to rent your property. 


Describe the ideal tenant

Include a brief description of your ideal tenant to help ensure that you attract tenants who are a good fit for your property. This helps to reduce the chance of evictions and other problems that can arise from having the wrong tenants living in the rental.


By setting yourself up for success with a well-written rental listing, you can make sure potential tenants find your property and get the best tenant possible. If you’re looking for help with listing your property to attract the best tenants, contact us today for a free quote!