How To Prep Your Rental Properties for Fall!

Prep Rental Properties

As summer comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your rental properties for cooler temperatures. Weather in Alberta can be unpredictable, and landlords should take steps to protect their property from potential damage. Here are a few reasons why it’s important for landlords to prep their properties for changing weather:


To prevent weather damage

Getting your property ready for the changing seasons will help to reduce any potential damage from extreme weather. This may include things like securing loose gutters and downspouts, trimming trees and shrubs, and sealing any cracks or gaps in the exterior of the property.


To prepare for colder temperatures

Landlords should make sure that their properties are well insulated and that any heating systems are in good working order to cut down on heating costs. They may also want to consider providing tenants with space heaters or other forms of supplemental heat.


To reduce the risk of pests

As the weather gets cooler, pests will be looking for warm places to nest. Landlords should take steps to prevent pests from entering their properties, such as sealing any cracks or gaps in the exterior and keeping the property clean and free of food sources.


To make the property more attractive to potential tenants

Autumn is a popular time for people to move, so landlords should make sure their properties are in top condition. This includes things like repairing any damage, painting any areas that need it, and generally just making the property as inviting as possible.


How to get your property ready for the cooler months

To prepare for colder temperatures and extreme weather, follow these tasks to ensure your tenants and your rental property stay dry and warm!


Roof and gutters

Inspect the roof to make sure there are no loose or missing shingles, and replace them as needed. Check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are clean, free of debris, and in good working order. This is an important step to reduce the risk of flooding!


Windows and doors

Inspect the windows and doors to make sure they are properly sealed and insulated. Cold air can seep in through any gaps, which will increase the cost of your electric bill and cause discomfort for your tenants. 



Tenants will likely turn on the furnace at some point in the fall. It’s a good idea to schedule routine maintenance, which can also extend the life of the furnace. Be sure to inspect the furnace and other heating systems to make sure they are in good working order and that the filters are clean.



Inspect the plumbing to make sure there are no leaks, and insulate any exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing in cold weather. If you have an outdoor hose, drain the hose bibs and sprinkler systems to prevent them from freezing and bursting.


Building exterior

Inspect the exterior of the property to make sure that there are no cracks or other damage to the exterior of the building. This also includes checking that there are no tree branches that could potentially break or cause problems during a storm.


As the weather starts to cool down and the leaves begin to fall, it’s important to start thinking about how to prep rental properties for the colder weather. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your rental property and your tenants are well protected from whatever mother nature brings their way. For extra help with managing your property, contact our team of property management experts today!